IA Together Sub Committee

The IA Together Sub Committee are passionate about living life to the full by reaching out and getting together. As a team of volunteers who have all experienced surgery, we understand the challenges facing people who’ve been through or are facing surgery but want to maintain an active lifestyle.

Whatever age you are, you could be someone who is struggling through their final years of education, facing challenges in their chosen career or concerned how their relationship may develop, all in a world obsessed with social media. You could equally be someone who’s had an active life and wants to get out and meet others after work or in retirement.

We meet on a regular basis to discuss the issues facing our members, young and not so young, to develop the support we offer and reach out in new ways. We never want anyone to feel alone or isolated following surgery or who may be struggling with making a life-changing decision.

Through IA Together we look to bring people back together with confidence.